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19 pln


15 pln

Sicilian lemon tart

17 pln


Ceviche with sea bass / rice quinoa / salsa with pineapple and passion fruit / buckwheat groats / grapefruit granite

33 pln

Beef and egg tartar / chive and lovage mayonnaise / buckwheat groats popcorn / St. Lawrence's Mountain oil

34 pln

Potato cake with parsley / avocado/ beetroot/ sweet potato/ parsley oil

29 pln

Pickled kohlrabi/ broccoli/ mint/verbena/ walnuts

22 pln

Cold smoked trout from Zielenica/ little-salt cucumber / pickled lemon / sea buckthorn

28 pln


Soup of the day - ask the waiter for details

Fish soup

22 pln


Strawberry salad/ millet groats/ rice quinoa/ vanilla/ watercress/ mustard seed

26 pln

Lettuce with cheese of our production / cherries / apricots / sea buckthorn

29 pln


Risotto with black truffle

49 pln

Tagiatelle nero di seppia with seafood

38 pln

main dishes

Fish of the day - ask the waiter for details

Millet groats/ watercress/ spinach/ avocado/ beetroot

36 pln

Grilled octopus/ potato espuma/ pepper

59 pln

Beef tenderloin/cherries/ green asparagus/ sunflower

or with black truffle

69 pln

99 pln

Service added to the 4-person groups or to the account above 200 PLN

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